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Womack Design has done numerous design and 3D projects for us and always brings excellent incite. I strongly recommend commissioning the work of this very talented company.
– Mark Alden, National Semiconductor

 Womack Design came up with conceptual 3D images that helped us communicate our concepts to potential clients. I highly recommend them.
– Paul Larson, Daylight Solutions

We’ve had Womack Design design us posters, a billboard, and most recently display graphics for Costco kiosk and their designs always come out looking great which makes us look great!
– Miranda Porter, Cattlemen’s Restaurants

We have Womack Design do all of our website updates and the art for our reusable shopping and tote bags. They do our mockups in 3D and our customers love the look.
– Scott May, Idea New Concepts

I like their retainer system and have used Womack Design for many years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Do not hesitate to contact Womack Design about ‘ALL’ things design.
– Brian Gillman, The Buffington Group

We had Womack Design design our logo, business cards, and website, and I am extremely happy with the quick turnaround and their attention to detail.
– Frank Dutra, Hubzone Manufacturing

"Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration."

— Jeffrey Zeldman

Web Design

Your Site Your Way
Thank you for taking a look at our site and the work we do. You have come to the right place if you are looking for a small team of talented designers, coders, and SEO experts to get your business up and running with the best web presence to help people find you. That is what you want, is it not? We can create you a website ranging from a simple personal site, up to a complex corporate e-commerce site so you can sell your products on-line. Please see our pricing on typical web design projects. If one does not suit your needs, please feel free to contact us by phone, or by filling out the contact form and we will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding what you need for your website.

Website Interface
When creating a website, it is not all about style, it is also about “ease of use”. If your visitors’ get lost, or stuck, they will most likely go somewhere else. We strive to make your visitors’ experience as pleasant as possible with clean, clutter-free navigation, and easy to read typography. On the other hand, what good is having a great looking website if people can’t find you? We also develop your site with relevant keywords in mind, so if you want an ‘Off-Site SEO’ package, we will already have your ‘On-Site SEO’ done.

"If a design can be refined, without disturbing its image, it seems reasonable to do so. A logo, after all, is an instrument of pride and should be shown at its best."

— Paul Rand

Logo Cleanup or Redraw
We have received many logos to work with that come from a business card or website. If you do not have a vector version of your logo, but have it scanned, printed, in a JPG, PSD, TIF, GIF, etc., then we can redraw the logo and create a new digital file for you that is vector-based (wire-framed). You will be able to size it as big as you need without the pixelation you see in the image below.

Logo Design

Logo Design & Branding
Ahhh, logo design. The one element that your corporate branding will be centered around, so do not underestimate the value of your logo. It will, without a doubt, be the first thing that catches someones eye when they see your business card, brochure, signage, or website, for the first time. Some people even decide within the first few seconds of seeing a company logo to continue reading or to move on. Sure you could buy a “$49″ logo from a logo house, but you will most likely receive a formulated, “cookie-cut” design with little customization. At Womack Design, you will receive 3 roughs based on your input. From there we listen to your comments and either, start over with 3 more, or make adjustments narrowing down the concepts until we finally come to a design you can be proud of. Take a look at our logos in the gallery and see the difference. All the logos you see are vector-based, and what that means is they can be expanded to as big as you need, say for a billboard, without turning “blocky” or blurry.

Receiving Your Logo
Once your logo is completed, we can provide to you with both vector and bitmap formats. We can send a zipped file with multiple folders, each named in relation to their respective services. For example, Printers and Graphic Designers will need EPS or AI files, so send them files from your “Printer” or “Designer” folder… a Web Designer will want files from the “Webmaster” folder, and so forth. We hope you take advantage of our services, however it is not required to get a quality logo at a great price.

Why Have Us Create Your Perfect Logo?

  • All Logos are Designed in Vector
  • Print-Ready & Web-Ready
  • Wireframe simplified
  • Blacks Overprint
  • CMYK and PANTONE Versions
  • Professional Looking
  • Highest Quality

"You do not need to have a great idea before you can begin working; you need to begin working before you can have a great idea."

— Josh Collinsworth

Print Design

Print Design
Designing graphics for logos and websites are great, but at some point you may need to put your branding to paper. Something you can hand out like a brochure, or a welcome package. We have extensive knowledge in the printing and pre-press arena. We can design basically anything you need to print on any form of media. Need a banner? No problem. Need packaging for you product? We have you covered there too. Even if it’s a simple business card, we can help.

Corporate Identity
Imagine a world without graphic design. Every company, event, trade show, you name it, would all look EXACTLY the same. We would not be able to distinguish one company from another without having to literally READ every word. We would be lost. Everything would look…well, generic! That is why we have branding. Your mind can process a logo, or symbol, much faster than text. You don’t even have to think about it, you see golden arches and imagine a cheeseburger in your mind. Branding is your way of standing out. Face it, we all need it, and you need it if you want your business to survive. That is why you are here. You need someone to brand your company… or re-brand it, and freshen it up a bit. Well, you have come to the right place. Womack Design can help your story come out in design.

"Experts are rarely insulted by something that is clear enough for beginners. Everybody appreciates clarity."

— Steve Krug

Something Never Seen Before
Do you have an idea for a product but want to see what it would look like in a photo? That would be tough if there is nothing to photograph. You can have us model it in 3D so you can see it in a virtual space. This will give you an idea of if and how it would work, what it would look like made with different materials. You can also see it at different angles. See samples of our 3D work in the gallery section.

3D Printing
The next step could be to have your invention printed in 3D if it applies. We can work personally with your Printer to make the entire process easier on you.

Product Visualization
Maybe you have a product, but need to show how it works. It would be more cost effective to show in 3D since you can show cut-aways and layers. This helps explain the inner workings of your product and paints a clear picture as to how it could solve your customer’s problem. We can also remodel your aging workplace, kitchen area, or bathroom in 3D so you can show a contractor exactly what you want before they begin, and they would be able to provide you a more accurate quote and time frame as well.

Search Engine Optimization

Once your beautiful website has been created and is live on the Internet, it is now time to be seen by the public.

So, how is this accomplished? With Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
As you well know, to find websites that you are interested in, you type a relevant keyword into the search box. The search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) that all of us use to find the information that we want on the Internet, are keyword-based. So if the keywords that you want your readers to find are not on your website, the search engines cannot find those keywords and the public will never find you.

Our approach to getting your website found is by first, doing high quality keyword research and identifying the top keywords your potential clients are typing into that search box to find the services you offer. Then we begin to duplicate the perfectly optimized pages on your website with those keywords. Once this is done, the search engines have the ability to find those pages.

The second step is to take those pages and get them to rise to the top of the search engines (First page of Google). To do this, we need to show the search engines that your site is popular. This is done by generating back-links to your website. When the search engines see that other website properties are mentioning your company, this generates a back-link to your site. The more back-links you have, the faster you will “leapfrog” over your competition to page 1 of the search engines. This is where your potential customers will find you and start buying your products and services.

All of this being said, we at Womack Design specialize in the High Quality Keyword Research, creating of Perfectly Optimized Pages for Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as the much overlooked, but extremely important, Back-linking Process. These services will start your website on its way to the top.

Give us a call and ask for your free Keyword and Website Analysis and let us get your site ranking now!

Frequently Asked Questions
Web Design

I already have a website, can you help people find me?

We work well with SEO services and have companies already in mind. We will start by taking a look at your current site and finding out why people are not finding you. We will send you a video showing your site and we will explain what’s going on and make suggestions as to what is needed to get your site ranking. See our page on SEO discussing this in more detail.

I need a website, what do we do first?

We will go over your needs and what type of site you are looking for. We will then take your content and build a preliminary layout from your landing page to your contact page. It will show you exactly how many pages we will have to build to cover all your needs. If you do not have content we can create content for you. Once you are satisfied with the layout, we will begin building your site. Sites can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete, depending on the amount of content you have or need.

Logo Design

How much does a logo cost?

Logos can range from less than a hundred dollars to a couple thousand or more. A lot depends on the type of logo you are wanting. A simple font logo may be much less expensive than a fully custom logo with many little details. Another factor is how many ideas you would like to see to narrow down your choice. Basically we do three rough concepts to start, giving us an idea of what you like and do not like. Then we create three more roughs based on your input. Lastly we create 3 more comps that are more dialed in before finally creating the final version.

My logo looks great, but some printers have a heck of a time with it. Can you help with this?

A lot of logos look great but will not print very well. That’s because some people do not take the time to create the logo with printers or sign makers in mind. Their prices usually reflect this (example: $49 for a logo, unlimited revisions). We’ve seen first hand these types of logos and usually have to take time to fix the art before we can finish the designs for a printer. Black not over-printing, colors are not trapping, wire frames are not simplified, or even created in Photoshop…yikes! All these issues, if overlooked, will save the designer time, but will waste more time, and money, down the road for you. All of our logos are vector-based and done right the first time.

What if I don’t like your first logos?

Hey, it happens. We will talk to you about what you like, and do not like, about the logos, and what direction we should go in. We will then design another set based on your input. If you are very particular in what you want, it may take more time for your logo to be perfect. We will make sure you are 100% satisfied with the final product.

What will I get with my logo?

Once your logo is complete, you will receive the logo files in folders named for who they should go to. So in the future, if a printer or a sign maker asks you for your logo on file, you will know exactly what to send them, no questions. If they ever have an issue with the files, you can have them contact us directly. We will support your files free of charge.

Graphic Design

Do you do the printing?

No, we do not do any in-house printing. We can work directly with your printer of choice making sure the process goes as smooth as possible.

I think I may need a brochure…. do I need a brochure or will a website be enough?

Do you attend trade shows or networking meetings? Do you have a walk-in office where people can take something with them? Do you want to be able to leave something in offices of other professions? If you said ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you probably need some type of hand-out. If most of your business comes from the internet, then you may want to spend your advertising budget on SEO…there is no better way to get your website ranking high on Google than continued quality, aggressive SEO.

How much does a brochure cost?

Brochures typically start about $500, but if you have a smaller budget, we can work with you.

3D Modeling

You do 3D modeling too?! Tell me about that.

3D modeling is great for illustrating your product(s) in ways that you can’t do with a camera. We can create cutaways so you can explain how your product works, or the quality of how it’s made. It’s also very useful to see a product that you may only have in your head or on paper. It can be illustrated to help you with the design process and see what it looks like in different angles and materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic. You will be able to see how the parts work together without having to spend a lot of money prototyping. We can also work with a 3D printer or a CNC machine shop to create your first prototype.

I have an idea for a cool product I’ve been thinking about. Will you steal my idea?

Of course not. We would be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Prepaid Retainers

We need a designer on a semi-regular basis, but certainly not full or part time, can we work something out?

Yes, we can!… and it just happens to be our preferred way to go. Monthly rates are based on a minimum of 6 hours over 3 months. Time blocks are purchased up front and you have 3 months to use them up. For example, if you think you will need design services for 5 hours a month, you would purchase 15 hours (paid in 3 installments). You can use the hours as fast as you want over the next 3 months. Purchasing 15 hours would be a savings of $225 over a 3 month period! Should you not use all the hours after 3 months, we simply adjust your needs for less hours and roll-over the remaining hours into the next 3 months…nothing to lose! If you decide not to re-order, you will still have a chance to use up the remaining hours, but they will be removed at the same rate they accumulated which is 1/3 per month. We suggest you order a few projects with us before ordering retainers. If you have questions, please feel free to use the contact form, or give us a call.

Is there a contract with our agreement?

Yes and no. There are no long-term contracts. The only contract will be the hours you agreed to hire us and paid for. You can always add more hours once you run out, but they are non-refundable. Best thing to do is start with ordering work by the project at the standard rate. Once we have a working relationship, and you know better the amount of hours you will most likely need in the next few months, then we can go with a retainer. Remember retainers start at only 6 hours over a 90 day period, so if you burn through those, you can always order more at an even lower rate.

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